Between patient scheduling, visits, paperwork, and more, it’s unlikely that dealing with insurance companies is at the top of your list. Plus, processes like verifications can be complex. Fortunately, the Revenetix staff is well versed in insurance policies and regulations. We can verify patient benefits — including co-pays, deductibles, , HRA, and patient demographics — with insurance companies to get services rendered for the patient, as well as follow through with authorizations if necessary.

Once a patient is scheduled to visit your practice, their insurance benefits have to be verified so that they can receive treatment and you can receive payments. Each individual payer typically has their own way of verifying benefits, and then there are often slight differences even within various branches of the same companies. Third-party administrators for insurance companies, for example, may have their own website and phone systems that require unique verification processes. The Revenetix team is well versed in these details — for instance, we can determine the tier of an ID number as well as what verification route is required.

Revenetix can streamline the verification process and take it off your hands — providing you with more time to run your practice, improve business, and help patients. We have more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and medical billing industry and we can handle any type of verification needed. From a digital system to a faxed response, we’ll work with all insurance companies and their requirements to verify patient benefits and ensure timely payments.

“Since we began working with Revenetix, our income has increased substantially. They have set up new processes that make communication and submitting claims much more timely and efficient. We have found the Revenetix staff very approachable, knowledgeable and reliable.”  – Andrew Elliott, CEO and Director of Alium Health  

Medical reimbursements continue to decline while high deductible plans are on the rise. By verifying patient benefits and following the correct procedures before services are rendered, it’s more likely that you’ll receive timely payments. The Revenetix staff takes pride in offering top-of-the-line verification and authorization services, as well as helping healthcare providers improve their medical billing efficiency. We strive to streamline your processes and increase the overall cashflow of your practice by collecting a minimum of 80 percent of the money owed within 90 days of the filed claim.

Revenetix removes the insurance and billing burdens from your practice and empowers you to focus more on helping your patients and growing your business. Along with handling the verifications process, we can also take care of insurance authorization, contracting, credentialing, billing and coding, payment posting, A/R cleanup, and much more.

If you have any questions or would like to like to speak with a Revenetix team member, you can contact us online today.