Revenetix knows how important it is to send out accurate claims to patients and their insurance carriers. Our team of certified medical coders translate the services, diagnosis, and procedures of the practice into the ICD-10 codes that are required for proper reimbursement to the practice for the services rendered.  Those codes are then sent to our medical billers who focus on capturing the highest amount of reimbursement possible for the practice.  

From payor policies and regulations to diagnosis and CPT codes, there is a lot that goes into ensuring your claims are clean and compliant. Medical coding accuracy can heavily impact insurance claims and patient payments – which ultimately impacts your practice’s cashflow.

Our certified medical coders are skilled in payor policies and matching the correct CPT codes for the services and procedures rendered. We are constantly improving our healthcare billing and coding knowledge. If a code is diagnosis-driven, for example, we know that the diagnosis has to be attached to the CPT code in order to get paid.

As one of the top medical billing companies, Revenetix can take the billing and coding burden off your hands and improve the overall cashflow of your practice. We’ll take ownership of your entire revenue collection process and collect a minimum of 80 percent of the payments owed to you within 90 days of the filed claim. We call this Medical Billing Efficiency, and it is the foundation of our strategy for all practices. We will help you achieve Medical Billing Efficiency through accurate medical coding and billing procedures, as well as: 

  • We’ll maximize your cashflow by accurately forecast patient pay responsibility and increase patient collections and insurance reimbursements.
  • We’ll minimize denials by implementing the insurance company’s rules, medical policies, and plan requirements.
  • We’ll reduce A/R by resolving unpaid, underpaid, denied, and rejected claims in a timely manner.

Revenetix can take care of any insurance issues for your practice and give you back time to focus on helping your patients and growing your business. Along with handling insurance reimbursements, we also cover authorizations, verifications, contracting, credentialing, billing and coding, patient payments, A/R cleanup, and much more.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Revenetix team member, you can contact us online today.