Medical reimbursements continue to decline year after year — and practices are feeling the pressure. But you don’t have to increase patient numbers, decrease visit quality, or shrink staff sizes in order to make up for it. Instead, Revenetix has a better solution. As the top medical billing company, we can help you streamline processes, improve cashflow, and grow your practice.

How do we do this? By taking billing burdens, such as insurance reimbursements, off your hands. The Revenetix team is made up of experts who can find better ways to handle your insurance processes and increase the financial success of your practice. We’ll follow up with insurance companies on unpaid claims to ensure outstanding claims are promptly paid. Any denied claims are reviewed, and insurance companies are contacted if additional information or clarification is needed. To confirm that the denial is overturned, we’ll reprocess claims over the phone and submit corrected claims (by mail, online, or fax) as well as escalate to the necessary departments as needed. If services continue to remain denied and all other options have been exhausted, we’ll draft and submit claim appeals.

Revenetix also has fee schedules in place that alert us to any changes or updates with insurance companies. If the insurance company paid you $80, for example, when $100 is actually due, you might not be aware of the discrepancy. Yet our knowledgeable Revenetix team will be, and we’ll track down the details and resubmit claims until it’s correct. We’ll ensure that all of those payments (minor and major!) add up to improved cashflow for your practice.

By handling insurance reimbursements for you, Revenetix will make sure you get every penny you deserve. We’ll re-submit corrected claims, file appeals, and monitor the timeline of payments. We’ll also help you receive more timely payments from patients by verifying their benefits and estimating their costs up front. This is all part of our larger Medical Billing Efficiency strategy, as outlined below:

  • We’ll maximize your cashflow by accurately forecast patient pay responsibility and increase patient collections and insurance reimbursements.
  • We’ll minimize denials by implementing the insurance company’s rules, medical policies, and plan requirements.
  • We’ll reduce A/R by resolving unpaid, underpaid, denied, and rejected claims in a timely manner.

“Since we began working with Revenetix, our income has increased substantially. They have set up new processes that make communication and submitting claims much more timely and efficient.”  –   Elliott, CEO and Director of Alium Health  

Revenetix can take care of any insurance issues for your practice and give you back time to focus on helping your patients and growing your business. Along with handling insurance reimbursements, we also cover authorizations, verifications, contracting, credentialing, billing and coding, patient payments, A/R cleanup, and much more.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with a Revenetix team member, you can contact us online today.