Provider and facility credentialing can be grueling, but the Revenetix team can take that off your hands. Our credentialing staff manages the submission of applications for providers and hospitals, they obtain hospital privileges and renewals, and assist in onboarding any new providers. As part of our mission to deliver high-quality credentialing services, we ensure that your billing and insurance processes are as seamless and efficient as possible.

The insurance credentialing process can include anywhere from 30 to 50 pages of application information. Between serving your patients, running a business, and taking care of everything else that comes with a medical practice, there’s no way you have time for that too! Our team takes charge of hospital credentialing and facilitates all communication back and forth with the hospitals. We understand the complex hospital credentialing requirements and know how to simplify the process to ensure credentialing success. We can help you onboard new providers, re-credential existing providers, ensure annual renewals go through, and add new locations.

“It takes a knowledgeable billing organization to bill and collect in a timely fashion. Revenetix has the knowledge and expertise to keep the cash coming in timely, and I feel much more comfortable with them taking care of this than trying to do it ourselves.” —Patricia Nast, Certified Nurse Midwife at Desert Blossom Women’s Care.

With more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and medical billing industry, Revenetix takes pride in being the top credentialing service and helping practices improve their medical billing efficiency. This includes increasing the overall cashflow of healthcare providers as well as streamlining policies and procedures. We strive to collect a minimum of 80 percent of the money owed for services rendered within 90 days of the filed claim. We also secure preauthorization from the payers ahead of time and can collect more payments from the patients at the time of service. This removes the billing burden and empowers you to focus more on helping your patients and growing your business.

Our medical billing efficiency strategy includes:

  1. Maximizing cashflow by accurately forecasting patient pay responsibility and insurance reimbursements.
  2. Minimizing denials by implementing the insurance company’s rules, medical policies, and plan requirements.
  3. Reducing A/R by resolving unpaid, underpaid, denied, and rejected claims in a timely manner.

Along with handling the insurance credentialing process, we can also take care of contracting, verification of benefits, billing and coding, payment posting, A/R cleanup, and much more.

If you have any questions or would like to like to speak with a Revenetix team member, you can contact us online today.