Valley Perinatal Services
Strengthening The Leading Perinatology Service Provider in Arizona


In only a few short years since its inception, VPS has expanded to 7 locations, continually increasing its revenues month after month. VPS outsources its medical credentialing, coding, billing and collections processes to Revenetix because they are experts in this area. They credit Revenetix with helping them collect on a high percentage of accounts receivable and allowing the practice to grow by focusing on office workflow and patient care. Even after 3 years, Revenetix continues to keep VPS’s practice collection percentages in the high eighties and always up to date with any industry changes. Partnering with Revenetix helps VPS guarantee success in all of the challenging areas of medical billing.

Providing Cashflow Expertise To A Top Women’s Health Care Organization

Desert Blossom Women’s Care provides total health care to women of all ages in Tucson and Sierra Vista, Arizona. Over the last 2 years, DBWC has been working with Revenetix to improve its billing efficiency and collect on a greater percentage of services provided. Revenetix provides DBWC with medical credentialing, coding, billing and collections services and has greatly improved the efficiency of its processes so they can place greater attention on patient care and helping their practice grow in southern Arizona.

Patricia Nast
Certified Nurse Midwife

It takes a knowledgeable billing organization to bill and collect in a timely fashion. Revenetix has the knowledge and expertise to keep the cash coming in timely and I feel much more comfortable with them taking care of this for us than trying to do it ourselves.

Alium Health
Providing Medical Billing Services To A Top Rated Provider Of Maternal Mental Health Services

Alium Health is a primary care practice with particular focus on helping women during each stage of their journey to motherhood, including maternal mental health.  Even with its success, Alium struggled to collect on a large percentage of the services they were providing. They even hired a billing and credentialing company but were disappointed because they were not appropriately contracting or collecting, which left them to wonder who to turn to for help.  Alium contacted Revenetix and they were able to immediately address and submit old claims and contact insurance companies to review and complete the needed documentation for credentialing.  Revenetix was able to get Alium’s financial health back on track, increase their revenues and greatly improve billing efficiency.

Helping A Leading Pediatric Cardiology Specialist Improve Cashflow

Genus Heart is a fetal and pediatric cardiology practice that is dedicated to the best heart care for expectant mothers, babies and children, leading to better outcomes in birth and in life. Like many practices, Genus Heart Center’s billing processes were burdensome and training employees proved to be extremely difficult. Turnover rates were high among billing personnel and the practice consistently lost valuable time spent training new employees and dealing with internal billing issues. With the help of Revenetix, Genus was able to completely offload their billing processes and allow their team to focus entirely on patient care. Genus is now collecting more within 90 days of service and the overall financial health of the practice has improved greatly.

Bryon Geddes
Chief Operating Officer

Revenetix has helped us implement policies inside our clinic that help us collect as much of our payments as possible. Each month, we receive reports that tell us exactly how we are doing and our collection time has improved dramatically.

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